FLY BALLOONS founded in 2004. We are the first Greek balloon company that we have been distributing a new kind of balloon, THE BUBBLE, in exclusive cooperation with the American TK INNOVATIONS, before passing into the hands of QUALATEX.
We are the first distributors for the HOVER UFO that is a new kind of balloon-toy for children and adults.

FLY BALLOONS represents the German EVERTS BALLON in balloons and the American WESTERN ENTERPISES in helium regulators and the American AIR PRODUCTS in helium gas. Also we distribute balloons and equipment of all known companies like QUALATEX, ANAGRAM, BELBAL, PREMIUM ACCESSORIES, HI-FLOAT etc.
The one and only Greek company that imports, fills and distributes helium cylinders.
The one and only Greek company, that manufactures and repairs products and equipment such as electronic balloon sizers, helium regulators for the cylinders.

We supply:
Balloon Shops for decorations
Flower Shops
Other shops

We are constantly alert and always leaders, listening to the needs of our customers and their preferences, we are beside them, in resolving all their problems and we create together a successful shop for each service.

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